Guildwars 2

Since the news is so fresh, I'll start off this blog with Guildwars 2!

It was announced in 2007 and since then, I've been searching for more information on the game.

Guildwars 2 will have it's beta this year, and hopefully it'll be out early on in 2012.

While waiting, guildwars crew are giving some news every week, and this weeks big newsflash is the seventh class - The Engeneer!

Go check it out, and if you are new to Guildwars, you might want to stick around on guildwars2.com to figgure out what me and so many others are waiting for.


Although i was hoping for another casterclass, this one will be a new experience in my gaming life and I will try it for sure!

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  1. I almost bought the first one, but I think I got Postal 2 instead. Still haven't played it to this day.

  2. My friend wants to get this, not too sure on it myself probably because I've never played the first one though...

  3. i'll visit you for know more news of mmo! :D

  4. I cant wait for the Old Republic myself, but this seems like it'll be an awesome game!

  5. Never gonna buy into a MMO again, damn you WoW...

  6. Although i'm not 100% sure, but i think this one will be free to play, so it will be worth trying, trust me.